I take pride in creating high quality audio environments, which are subtle to an audiences' ear.


It is so satisfying to immerse an audience in a location or to draw attention by placing a sound in a specific place on stage.


By mixing 'live' effects on stage with pre-recorded effects you can create an aural experience that is transparent, where the listener is unsure what is live and what is not. Thus allowing an audience to engage even more in a story, environment or experience.



I am also an accomplished Audio Engineer, and continue to work on many productions involving music and live audio. Ranging from a 4 piece band to a 10 piece or with a company of 6 up to 25 strong, I have extensive knowledge and experience to draw upon.


I'm as happy behind an Analogue Console as I am behind a Digital, everything has its purpose.

To compliment my work as Sound Designer & Audio Engineer, I also work in the capacity of Project Manager for theatre and live events of various scales.


Both as a Project Manager and Sound Designer I am well used to working to a deadline, which these days is unavoidable in the entertainment industry.


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